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I am able to offer GRP Trickle Towers of my own design; in my mind these are advanced well beyond any other on the market at this time. Size is important, as most of us need to hide this type of equipment in the garden and as this must stand above pond level too large a unit would not be practical.




The unit stands 1250mm high, has a diameter of 350mm, this can hold 5,000 Bac-Bio-Balls. The manufacturer of these states 1,000 Bio Balls can filter 1,000 of pond water. Take this with a pinch of salt, but you can see the possibilities. Other medias can be used and already there are several in use with Momotaro Bacteria House Media.

I have been using this design myself for over a year now and has proved so successful I have decided to market it. I have found I am getting much lower Nitrate readings than I would expect in a heavily stocked situation and at one stage, fitted one as stand alone filtration on a tank with 65 tosai for several months without problem. 

I supply 4,000 litre per hour to each and find a Blagdon Amphibious idea for the job. Top inlet connection is 3/4" pressure pipe and this ties up well with the 3/4" outlet from the Blagdon pump. Water is pumped directly onto the unique drip plate which is of a design that cannot block and overflow and have never had to clean the trail versions in the year they have been running.


The bottom of the tower is also unique compared with other models, it has a full cone shaped bottom. Many others on the market have flat bottoms with outlets an inch or two up from the base, this allow a slow build-up of waste which turns anaerobic, the cone prevent any collection of waste. The 2" pressure (standard, but any size to suit customers needs) is covered inside by a stainless steel 1" mesh, this stops media being washed out of the unit.


The lid is made with an internal splash ring which locates into the drip plate, water is pumped into the unit at quite a rate and without this ring drops of water splash out of the unit.   


Often when located in exposed positions trickle towers can cool water during colder months, I can also offer insulated versions of the same tower. These are insulated with 25mm foam which is encapsulated in another layer of GRP. Below is a filter system under construction using the same method. The insulation gives the same insulation factor as 4" of Rockwool.


Each Trickle Tower is hand crafted and I am meticulous when it comes to quality of workmanship. They can be supplied with either Bac-Bio-Balls, Bacteria House media or with no media at all.

Price of each unit is 175.00 standard or 275.00 with 25mm insulation, plus Post and Packing. Media extra.